Iron Man Junk Model Craft For Kids

Art meets science in our creative response to reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes! The children were really keen to build their own iron man while reading our class novel this month. Everyone contributed to the mixed media project by collecting metal objects from home: springs, old mobile phones, bottle caps, cogs, chains and screws. We worked in groups to build various parts of the robot, then pieced him together as one collaborative effort! (If you've read this book you'll know how in keeping with the story this process was!) We have also been experimenting with circuit building in... Read more →

This simple art activity was an opportunity to combine two painting techniques with bold, contrasting colours. But our fantastic children took it to a much higher level! After sharing Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? the children gathered images and watched videos of polar bear families on the Arctic ice. As expected, this eventually led to a discussion about the decline of the species due to global warming and habitat loss. What I didn't expect was the children's decision to respond to the decline of polar bears directly in their art. One child suggested that everyone should keep... Read more →

Here is a great way to help young children retell a familiar story. It's really a retake on the story map, yet this becomes an interactive visual aid to assist with retelling. Use when sharing a children's picture book that has a clear plot defined in parts by characters (like The Gruffalo, The Enormous Turnip, Monkey Puzzle), or by objects (such as Dear Santa, Don't Forget the Bacon, Going on A Bear Hunt). Draw or copy images of the characters/objects onto a circle in the correct order, as they appear in the story. (For Don't Forget the Bacon, children could... Read more →

Who is Austin Kleon? An inspiring contemporary poet. He uses newspaper articles from the New York Times as unique canvases for creating his verse. Here is one of Austin's first time lapse videos that immediately had me intrigued last year: Of course the first thing I wanted to do, after trying it out myself, was to see if the children would find this technique successful and worth exploring. We began by visiting the official website, where the children could read examples by Austin and view poems shared by fans using his method. As we watched a short interview with... Read more →

Our Titanic topic this term has the children so engaged! We've been observing old postcards and photographs of the liner and trying to capture the essence of her size and significance. I love how this child has made his charcoal Titanic escape the page, conveying the scale so effectively! This topic is of local interest too as our school is quite literally a twenty minute walk from the Titanic Quarter in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Next month we are visiting the Thompson Dry Dock, where the liner was fitted out and painted. My class won £1,000 in an art competition this... Read more →