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Hiccup The Viking: Art Activity


9780340969991Publisher: Hodder Children's Books ISBN: 978-0340969991

As the story opens, it seems like Cressida Cowell's small and lonely Viking hero could certainly do with some lessons in being fierce and strong before he sets out on his first voyage.  A Viking should not be afraid of anything, least of all the sea! We decided to create our own crew of ferocious invaders to help Hiccup's dad, Stoick the Vast, convince his son that Vikings don't get frightened. Will they remain so brave when a storm hits and their longship is lost at sea?


We provided the children with lots of images of Vikings, found online and in non-fiction texts. We used little view finders so that the children could hone in on the Vikings' facial expressions, armour, clothing and hair! (Hiccup's dad hadn't brushed his own beard in thirty years!)

The children then had the option of using charcoal, oil pastels, or watercolour to create their own Viking portraits. I'm so impressed with how our art activity turned out.... hope you enjoy browsing these! Warning... some are very vicious!

IMG_1152 (Small) IMG_1155 (Small) IMG_1150 (Small) IMG_1156 (Small)IMG_1153 (Small) IMG_0182 6a011570196a4c970c017c33f53f59970b-800wi 6a011570196a4c970c017d3e2409ca970c-800wi


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I just read, "It's Mine" the other day! Love Leo Lionni... Wonderful site. Great name.

Juliet Robertson

What super pictures and artwork. A wee while ago I put up a wee post called "Trolls, treasure and outdoor learning" with ideas to link to a viking project.

Making runes from sticks and stones and sending messages around the playground is a good problem solving activity too.

Enjoy being with 10yr olds - Any age has its merits.

Sherry and Donna

IRRESISTIBLE Caroline ... did you say ten year olds? Oh my good golly gosh these are awesome works of art. Thank you so much for sharing them ... inspirational stuff! Our children did self portraits recently, but perhaps even at five years old some children might be interested in vikings ... then again, costumes, helmets and swords ARE involved so OF COURSE they would be interested in vikings ... silly me!
Donna :) :)


These are fantastic! I love that the children could choose between different media. The charcoal pieces are particularly fierce! :)

Zoe @ Playing by the book

These are amazing - I hope your students are really very proud of their work. Vikings is such a great topic (and I'm not just saying that because i've always been proud of my viking roots - my surname is apparently a viking one...)

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