Crumbs! Here we are, after one year of blogging! Time flies when you're having fun! By way of a big thank you to all our lovely visitors who regularly stop by, we are hosting our first (not a download) Learning Parade giveaway! Here is what is up for grabs: A hard backed copy of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff, and the lovely little character from the story, as new with tags! This picture book has become a classic and if you search online there are literally dozens of fantastic teaching units and resources to accompany... Read more →

Encouraging our daughters to develop a love of reading has thankfully been quite easy for us; developing reading interests beyond "Princess Books" has been the big hurdle. You know the books I'm talking about here - the pink, the frilly, the 'life is sweet' type that sometimes offer a free tiara and the like. At an education conference this month, popular children's author Lauren Child said that "as a child she felt like a sponge, absorbing information from everywhere". Our daughters' preoccupation at a very young age with 'all things princess' left me wondering if they really were absorbing from... Read more →