Crumbs! Here we are, after almost one year of blogging! Time flies when you're having fun! By way of a big thank you to all our lovely visitors who regularly stop by, we are hosting our first (not a download) Learning Parade giveaway! Here is what is up for grabs: A hard backed copy of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff, and the lovely little character from the story, as new with tags! This picture book has become a classic in the U.S. and if you search online there are literally dozens of fantastic teaching units... Read more →

Here is your free download for creating a story sequence chain based on what Eric Carle's very hungry caterpillar ate on Saturday. (You know, before the stomachache!) Simply print out the PDF on white card, colour the food and cut out around the dotted lines. We used wool for threading, and created holes with a pencil tip pushed through the food into a ball of plasticine. Great for fine motor skills! Learning to retell events in order is such a crucial skill to develop - but bear in mind that there are ten items here, so you may like to... Read more →

We really do have a soft spot for elephants. David McKee's book Elmer has given us lots of ideas for activities this week - and inspired us to crack open the clay we'd almost forgotten about! I always find that early years children create the most successful clay models; I think it's because they start off with a big blob and see the whole picture more easily. Older children usually scrutinize over tiny details and make body parts separately - which is alright if you remember to conceal all those joins with plenty of water! We tend to improvise when... Read more →