Publisher: Philomel Books ISBN: 978-0399247491 This half term, our class are appreciating the work of various children's picture book illustrators and attempting to recreate their techniques. Here is our first project, focusing on the work of Oliver Jeffers in The Incredible Book Eating Boy masterpiece! This book was one of our first choices because Oliver grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and I think that it's so important for the children to identify with local success stories. Also, Oliver uses mixed media in his illustrations and this is an area that we really needed to develop. This new video of... Read more →

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin ISBN: 978-0152013318 In this wonderful counting picture book, the illustrator Keith Baker uses brightly coloured acrylic paint in purples, greens and pinks for his hens. As part of our harvest celebrations, each class makes an artwork contribution to decorate the hall for the season.We tried to recreate his style with our own hens (we used oil and chalk pastels) and the result is some very animated and quirky hens! The original idea for our project came from Patty over at Deep Space Sparkle, her step by step instructions were so easy to follow. Read more →

Publisher: Hodder Children's Books ISBN: 978-0340969991 As the story opens, it seems like Cressida Cowell's small and lonely Viking hero could certainly do with some lessons in being fierce and strong before he sets out on his first voyage. A Viking should not be afraid of anything, least of all the sea! We decided to create our own crew of ferocious invaders to help Hiccup's dad, Stoick the Vast, convince his son that Vikings don't get frightened. Will they remain so brave when a storm hits and their longship is lost at sea? We provided the children with lots of... Read more →

We love The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. If ever there was a great picture book for reminding children about the importance of sharing, this is it! Our favourite page shows the illustration of all the fish scattered throughout the ocean, wearing all the little shiny scales shared by the Rainbow Fish. Less proud, the Rainbow Fish now has many friends wanting him to come and play. We'd been waiting for a rainy day to make a tissue paper lantern and today it poured from the heavens! So we gathered up our materials and set to work, inspired by our... Read more →

We really do have a soft spot for elephants. David McKee's book Elmer has given us lots of ideas for activities this week - and inspired us to crack open the clay we'd almost forgotten about! I always find that early years children create the most successful clay models; I think it's because they start off with a big blob and see the whole picture more easily. Older children usually scrutinize over tiny details and make body parts separately - which is alright if you remember to conceal all those joins with plenty of water! We tend to improvise when... Read more →