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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Craft


When you read Laura Numeroff's If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, you know they're going to ask for cookie. And if they ask you for a cookie, they'll want a glass of milk :)

We're celebrating our newest read aloud activities in proper style with some milk, cookies and mouse ears! Like us, your kids can create these cute mouse ears too, by using our super-simple recipe for puffy paint!

Just add:

1 tablespoon of self raising four 

1 tablespoon of salt 

3 teaspoons of water 

to a squirt of light brown poster paint. 

Give the ingredients a good stir before painting onto some cardboard, then pop this into the microwave to 'puff' on high for around 25 secs. Leave a circle free in the middle, so you can add some basic pink acrylic paint later.When dry, cut into a circular shape. Repeat and glue both ears onto a headband made from some thinner card; we used the reverse of a cereal box. So easy and fun!

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