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If you haven't already read Julia Donaldson's Sharing a Shell with your family this summer, you must get hold of a copy!

This seaside rhyming story about three rock pool neighbours is perfect for reading aloud and has subtle messages about caring for others. We just love the little bristle worm character who tries to keep the peace :) 


The illustrations are amazing (with lovely glittery "feely" bits)  and very inspiring for beach themed crafting! It's a great way of introducing children to the idea that even the tiniest of sea creatures are special - before they go wading into pools with a net!
Beach_arrow_150_roll  Beach_arrow_150_roll Beach_arrow_150_roll
Click on any of the beach arrows above to see some seashore crafts that we found really exciting this week!
And here is our own interpretation of a rock pool in a tutorial we hope you might also like to try :)


First you will need an empty detergent box- the clear type that tablets or capsules come in. Clean it and remove any labels before you begin. The main materials needed are blue paint, PVA, stronger UHU glue, tissue paper, stones, shells, sequins and any other embellishments you fancy.

Next you need to paint the sides and the top blue (on the outside) but make sure you leave one side clear for viewing. Mixing the paint with PVA glue will stop the paint flaking off the plastic when it dries.



Stick some scrunched yellow tissue, stones shells etc onto the blue base of the box to recreate the seabed/ bottom of your rock pool. The UHU glue will hold your stones and shells fast.

When you are happy with your creation, close the box. Taa Dah! 


We are going to make a crab tomorrow to put inside and Rebecca wants to add more seaweed and sequins to the back too. The finished rock pool will be posted on my Flickr this weekend. :)  

Blog Break: Off for a fortnight doing fun holiday things.... catch up with you all soon! xo


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Momma Snail at The Snail's Trail

I love this idea! This will be a lot of fun to do if it rains during our trip to the beach.


We found lots of good pictures :) She is really adorable :)Annie loved seeing her! What a fun idea this is too!!


Such an awesome book -- I'll remember to keep it in mind for our library's summer reading program (ocean-water themed) -- and what a great craft! Thanks for the inspiration!


What fun! That book looks like something we'd love. I hope it's available here in the U.S. I'll look for it.

What a lovely blog you have here, too!


Oooh, I'm enjoying your blog so much. I somehow stumbled upon it tonight and am so glad I did. I'm adding you to my blogroll and definitely coming back for more. I love all the literature-inspired crafts, which, believe it or not, I was thinking earlier today I want to do more with my kids.

marylea @ Pink and Green Mama

Awesome!! My girls would love this : ) Thanks for sharing!!

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